When you need a quick and easy installation, laminate flooring offers the option for floating floors, with pieces that click together and lock into place. This installation option means you can walk on your floors as soon as the installation is complete, even for large remodels in every room, so you'll want to learn more about what's available.

Choosing a floating floor

One of the best things about a floating floor is that the installation is quick and easy and allows you to walk on the surfaces as soon as your installation team is done. They also make it easy to replace laminate wood flooring when the time comes, with pieces that are easy to remove for faster results.

Since the only glue or adhesives used in this installation are used for perimeter pieces, placing and replacing the flooring happens quickly. In addition to allowing you to walk on your new floors sooner, you'll save money on the installation, which doesn't take as long as many other products.

Based on your specific situation, these floors may require an underpadding, and some products come with already attached underpadding. However, you may need additional padding for the best laminate flooring installation in any room.

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