Is there a waterproof carpet option?

Is there a waterproof carpet option?

Carpet flooring that is designed to be waterproof features fibers that are treated with a stain-resistance coating. When liquids are spilled, the treated fibers wick the moisture to the surface so the wet spot can quickly be blotted away.

It's important to note that any waterproof is considered “moisture resistant” and designed for indoor use only; it's not an indoor/outdoor carpet.

Shaw LifeGuard carpet

Shaw Floors manufactures waterproof carpeting, and you can find these high-quality brands at Katy Tile & Marble in Katy, TX. In addition to stain and moisture-resistant fibers, Shaw LifeGuard carpet includes a unique backing. It keeps moisture and pet accidents from penetrating the padding or subfloor if moisture reaches the base of the floors.

R2X and Anso

R2X is a treatment that surrounds the fibers so they are protected from stains and soiling from top to bottom. This treatment is applied to Shaw Anso nylon broadloom, which you can find at Katy Tile & Marble.

The flooring’s vibrant colors never fade, and because of CrossBond technology, the fibers won't fray or quickly become crushed by foot traffic.


Unlike other carpet fibers, naturally, water-resistant olefin won't absorb water, which is one of the reasons that it's a popular floor covering for basements.

Place stain-resistant olefin carpeting anywhere in your home where moisture may be present, and you won't need to worry about mold or mildew. Olefin has a low production cost, and thus, it's a budget-friendly material.

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