Look at what sets carpet apart from other floor coverings

Look at what sets carpet apart from other floor coverings

Sometimes, only carpet will do, and some homeowners are loyal to this product line. Carpet offers flooring options you won't find anywhere else, setting it apart from many other floor coverings.

If you're new to this material, you may want to learn more about the product's appeal. Here are three characteristics of carpet you should know for your upcoming remodel.

1. Carpet is the only soft surface flooring

There is only one soft surface floor covering on the market: carpet. Other materials may offer a bit of resilience or added padding for comfort, as carpet does, but nothing compares to the soft elegance of carpet.

2. Carpet and heat retention

Heat retention is an essential feature in carpeting, especially during the winter in places where the weather gets cold. Carpet flooring and its underpadding work as another layer of insulation to hold in any heat the home makes.

3. Carpet and noise reduction

If you have a busy, active household, you'll appreciate the noise reduction feature when you choose to carpet. This material soaks up the noise from footfall, electronics, child's play, and more.

When you need carpet in Katy, TX, combining all these features in a single floor covering gives you a superb product for your home. Take time to find out how carpet could best serve you in every space.

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