Tips for choosing the best engineered hardwood flooring

Tips for choosing the best engineered hardwood flooring

Typically, engineered hardwood flooring clicks and locks together, so the floor floats above any subfloor material or hard surface floor. Underlayment, including a moisture barrier, is part of the installation.

Katy Tile & Marble in Katy, TX, offers a large selection of this versatile wood floor covering, including brands from top companies like Bruce and Earthwerks.

High-quality planks have a thick hardwood surface

After engineered hardwood floors are installed, you'll have a new floor that looks like solid hardwood. That's because there is a layer of hardwood on the surface of the plank.

If you choose the best engineered wood flooring, the layer will be thick enough to allow refinishing at least once if the floor becomes worn in future years.

The base layer below the hardwood and the finish that covers the wood affect longevity

Engineered hardwood floors include a base composed of several layers of plywood positioned in different directions. This composition allows the planks to tolerate exposure to moisture.

The best planks have a base with at least 7 to 9 plywood layers and a 3-millimeter-plus hardwood surface protected by nine finish coats.

Durability can be determined by reviewing the warranty

A warranty with two main parts backs most engineered hardwood flooring. First, a structural warranty protects the homeowner from manufacturer defects that cause cupping, buckling, delamination, and warping after installing the planks.

The finish warranty guarantees that the finish won't wear off to expose bare wood or separate from the wood if the floor is properly maintained.

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