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What are the top tile flooring format trends?

This year is all about creativity. And nothing feeds the imagination like tile flooring.

There’s an almost unlimited number of colors and designs, shapes, and sizes. In addition, hexagons, rectangles, circles, and more can be mixed and matched to design unique configurations.

The large format

today keep getting bigger and bigger. Enter porcelain which can get as large as 25-square.
Porcelain comes in many colors and designs; it is made to look like anything, including wood, stone, fabric, and leather.


These are mainly associated with wood looks. They look like genuine hardwood, with grains, knots, textures, and color variations–even the trending "high variation."

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Wood looks are just one of the things you can do with planks. A popular look is the herringbone arrangement.

Why do you want tile flooring in your house?

1.Real estate value adding: About 70% of the cost of tile flooring will be reflected as an increase in your home value. The tile needs to be relatively new and on-trend, however.

2.Easy to clean: Sweep, dust, mop, or vacuum twice weekly. Wet mop bathroom floors once a week, and kitchen floors, every other week.

All it needs is a combination of hot water with a non-sudsing, non-abrasive cleaner. Our tile store staff can advise you of the best cleaner.

3. Great for allergy sufferers: Dirt sits at the top, making it easy to see and wipe away.

4.Durable: When installed properly and taken care of, tiles can last up to 50 years.

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