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Chevron & Herringbone Patterns for Red Oak, White Oak, & Hickory Hardwood Floors Katy

Updated: Jun 21

Red Oak, White Oak, & Hickory Hardwood in Chevron & Herringbone Patterns for your Katy Flooring

When you want floors that make more of a statement in your Katy, Houston, or Cypress home than a simple wood grain pattern gives, what do you do? Maybe you should consider flooring solutions from reputable manufacturers like Abode, D&M Flooring’s Modern Craftsman Collection, Horizon, Abode or Kentwood that include having your hardwood floors laid in a timeless and classic pattern like chevron wood floors or herringbone wood floors. Whether you are debating red oak vs white oak flooring or hickory vs oak flooring, a herring bone or chevron patterned floor will make a big statement in your home.

Herringbone vs Chevron Flooring

If you have decided to have your Katy, Sugar Land, or Brookshire classic wood floors laid in a pattern, the most popular options are herringbone and chevron. While it is easy to think that herringbone hardwood floors and chevron floors are the same, in fact they are not. While herringbone wood floor planks have straight-cut ends and are laid at a 45-degree angle to create a zig-zag pattern, chevron pattern wood floor planks are cut at a 45-degree angle and the ends are matched to make a zig-zag pattern. Sounds like semantics, right? However, when you see them side by side, the difference is obvious. Both chevron and herringbone patterns will give your home a timeless and classic look. Along with the chosen pattern, the wood you choose will also make a difference in the way the floor looks. Red oak flooring, white oak flooring, and hickory flooring each brings its own uniqueness in wood grain to add depth and richness to the patterned hardwood flooring. To add even more depth, try using quarter sawn white oak or rift white oak.

Herringbone Hardwood Floor Katy

Herringbone floor wood can be rustic hickory hardwood flooring or a solid oak herringbone flooring in your Katy, Houston, Fulshear, and Memorial home. However, narrowing your choice down to hickory or solid oak flooring may still leave you questioning red oak vs white oak staining. On the other hand, you may prefer natural red oak flooring, prefinished red oak flooring or prefinished white oak flooring. Whichever of these hardwoods you choose, you can rest easy knowing they are among the hardest wood flooring available. Classic hardwood floors are an addition that will increase the charm and the value of your home. Traditionally, natural hardwood floors are the epitome of elegance. However, herringbone wood floors offer even a higher degree of elegance.

Chevron Wood Floors

Like herringbone, chevron hardwood floors can add beauty and elegance to your already beautiful Katy, Houston, Memorial, or Columbus home. While both patterns are similar, each offers its own unique look that will upgrade your home to the next level. A chevron pattern can be accomplished with red oak, white oak, or hickory hardwood flooring, depending upon the esthetic you prefer. Chevron pattern wood floors will add artistry and style to your home, leaving friends and neighbors envious of their timeless beauty.

Best Wood for Patterned Hardwood Floors

Whatever pattern you decide to use for your Katy, New Alum, Weimer, or Energy Corridor home, the most popular wood choices are red oak wood, white oak wood, hickory wood, and walnut hardwood flooring. There are several well-known flooring manufacturers who produce quality hardwood flooring. Trusted manufacturers such as Lifecore, LM Flooring, Prestige by BPI, and Southern Traditions, as well as those mentioned earlier, provide the very best in hardwood flooring and can be purchased only at principled dealerships.

Flooring Solutions Katy

When it comes to choosing the pattern you want in your Katy, Bellville, Houston, or Sealy home and can’t make up your mind between chevron pattern vs herringbone you can feel at ease leaving it up to the professionals. Red oak floors, hickory hardwood flooring, walnut flooring, and white oak flooring all make for beautifully laid patterned floors. An interior designer can help you choose the pattern that will best suit your home. Whether it is chevron, herringbone, or your own random hardwood floor pattern design professionals will work closely with you and with the installation experts to assure that you will love the outcome of your new patterned hardwood floors.

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