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Kitchen Backsplash Tile with Granite or Quartz Countertops Katy

Updated: Jul 13

Backsplash Tile with Granite or Quartz Countertops for your Katy Kitchen

When it comes to remodeling your Katy, Houston, or Cypress kitchen, few things make a bigger statement than a fabulous tile backsplash. Backsplash tile comes in a variety of options so you can achieve the style and look you want for your kitchen. Tile is available in different shapes (square tile backsplash, diamond backsplash, penny tile backsplash, round tile backsplash and subway tile backsplash) and mediums (porcelain tile backsplash, and ceramic tile for backsplash), making it the ideal way to add a bit of personality to your kitchen. We offer the best in backslash tile brands such as American Marazzi, Arizona Tile, Crossville, Daltile and Keystone for your Katy home.

To complete your kitchen remodel, you may want to add new kitchen countertops as well. The best quartz countertops are a top-of-the-line choice which offers a wide variety of colors and styles. Granite kitchen countertops are popular because they come in many beautiful colors like luna pearl granite, moon white granite, cream granite, dark grey granite, black granite, and blue granite as well as many others. Whichever countertop you choose, remember that countertop installation must be completed prior to backsplash installation.

Kitchen Backsplash Tiles are More Than Utilitarian

A tired looking kitchen can be immediately brightened with the addition of a stylish backsplash. You can choose to keep it simple with a white diamond shaped tile backsplash. However, if you’d like to make a bolder statement with your backsplash your options are wide open. Maybe you would like a patterned tile backsplash, a mosaic backsplash, a geometric backsplash, Moroccan tile backsplash, or maybe a colorful diamond tile backsplash. Your kitchen tile backsplash can be incorporated into your design style, whatever that style is. If you love your current countertops, a change to the backsplash could be just what your kitchen needs to make it feel new again.

Quartz Countertops Katy

If you are ready to do a total kitchen remodel, quartz countertops can provide a perfect complement or contrast to the tile you’ve chosen for your backsplash. With nearly unlimited color options such as blue quartz countertops, solid white quartz countertops, green quartz countertops, and gray quartz countertops, quartz countertops can be used in any kitchen design. Whether your vision is a farmhouse kitchen, a French country kitchen, or an ultra-modern kitchen, quartz countertops can complete the look you desire.

Not only are quartz countertops versatile, but quartz countertops maintenance is easy. A simple wipe down with a mild detergent and soft cloth followed by a rinse and dry is all that is needed to maintain the luster of your quartz countertops.

Granite Countertops Houston, Katy

If you have decided to use granite countertops in your Katy, Sugar Land, Fulshear, or Brookshire kitchen there are many color options available to you. Valle Nevado granite has subtle shades of black and white and New Caledonia granite consists of varying shades of gray and white. If you’d rather have countertops with a little more color, you can choose beige granite, blue pearl granite, cream granite countertops, dark grey granite countertops, black granite countertops, and even gold granite countertops. When you find the color of granite you want for your countertops, ask if you can choose the specific slab of granite you are purchasing. Since granite is made by nature, every slab is unique and you will have the granite slab size that is perfect for your countertop.

Backsplash Tiles and Quartz or Granite Countertops

Whether you choose granite countertops or quartz countertops for your kitchen it will be enhanced with the right choice of tile backsplash. A blue glass tile backsplash will give your kitchen a much different feel than if you use a Spanish tile backsplash or a geometric backsplash tile. Speak to a professional when choosing your kitchen countertops and tile backsplashes and make sure you get the kitchen of your dreams.