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The Best Wall to Wall Carpet Store in Katy

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Wall to Wall Carpet for your Home in Katy, TX

When you start looking for a new wall-to-wall carpet for your Katy home you will probably have many questions. What carpet style do I like? What carpet color will work best for my home? Should I install popular carpet colors or colorful carpets such as blue carpet, white carpet, beige carpet, grey carpet, dark grey carpet, black carpet, or brown carpet? Which carpet brands are of the highest quality? Do I want a nylon carpet or a wool carpet? Do I need a vinyl plank flooring transition to carpet or tile to carpet transition? What carpet and wall combinations should I use? What is the best carpet for my stairs? Will I want my carpet customized?

Many people enjoy the plush feel of thick carpet between their toes as they walk through the house. If you prefer the warmth and softness of carpet underfoot you should consider Shaw carpet, Anderson Tuftex carpet, or Armstrong carpet. These all are dependable brands that have been on the market for decades and all have high customer ratings.

Carpet Customization

Carpet customization is so much more than finding a unique color. When you want special customization of your carpet, such as having a floral pattern inserted into the living room carpet or a monogrammed carpet for the foyer, it is vital to choose a carpet installation professional who has the skill and expertise to make your carpet as special as you expect it to be. Make sure to thoroughly investigate the Katy carpet company you choose to do business with so you will be confident the final product is exactly as you requested.

Types Of Carpet in Katy

· Loop Carpet – carpet where the fibers have been left in loops

· Plush carpet – carpet where the fibers have been placed close together and then cut to form a thick pile

· Berber carpet – loop carpet that is kept very close to the carpet backing

· Shag carpet – thickly piled loop carpet with long loops

So, what do the terms plush carpet, loop carpet, Berber carpet, and shag carpet mean?

In order to understand these definitions, let’s talk a little about how carpet is made. Carpet is made from fibers attached to a backing. These fibers are attached to the backing in loops (or tufted). From there, the loops are either left as-is or they are cut.

When you start looking at carpet stores for the perfect wall-to-wall carpet for your Houston or Katy home, be sure to talk to an experienced carpet professional. A person who has been in the carpet business for years will have the knowledge and experience to help you decide whether you want plush carpet, loop carpet, Berber carpet, or even shag carpet. Your style and how you plan on using the rooms that will be carpeted will all be taken into consideration by your design and carpet expert.

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Choose the Best Carpet Installer in Katy

Whether you want wall-to-wall carpet, tile, vinyl, or engineered hardwood floors, finding an experienced professional flooring installer will assure that you have the best-looking floors in Katy. Hire an expert flooring specialist who will listen to your dreams for your home and help you make them come true.