Bathroom remodeling Houston & Katy

Bathroom remodeling Houston & Katy

Bathroom remodeling Houston & Katy
Bathroom remodeling in Katy or Houston is not for a do-it-yourselfer. Bath remodeling in Houston or Katy not only requires tile installation, but also things like custom shower pans. Do you know how to create a custom shower pan? Would you like a Schluter Kerdi Shower System, Schluter strip or Schluter All Set? Do you know the answer to "What is a hardie board?" Should you use a Laticrete hydro ban, Laticrete 9235, or Laticrete 254 platinum? Should you buy a granite countertop or quartz countertop? Should you have Shaker painted cabinets or flat ones? Not to worry! Our job is understand what all those things are and to educate you! We serve bath remodel clients from Weimer to Memorial, from Cypress to Sugar Land, and everywhere in between! Is your home in Bellville, Brookshire, Columbus, Energy Corridor, New Alum, Richmond, Schulenburg, Sealy, or beyond? No problem!

We have the skill to do the things you should never attempt such as tearing out the old bathroom components, waterproofing, and installing plumbing, Did you know that a custom shower pan is one of the most important elements of building or remodeling a shower? That's something in which you or even a general tile setter may find to be an enormous challenge. Do you really want your bathroom remodeling in Houston or Katy to be done by trial and error?

What is a custom shower pan?
Simply put, a shower pan is the angled floor of your shower. While generic shower pans work fine with pre-formed shower stalls, custom shower pans must be built specifically for your custom shower. The shower pan must be fitted to your shower precisely so that no water leaks to the floor underneath. Since our professionals have been completing bathroom remodels in Houston and Katy and the surrounding areas for years, we are well-equipped to custom build your shower pan to guarantee both its snug fit and its good looks. 

What is Hardie Board?
Hardie Board is a cement board which is used over OSB board (particle board) and underneath the shower and bathtub tile. The use of cement board ensures against rotting should any water seep under the tiles. Hardie Board must be used underneath shower and bath tiles unless the walls are already concrete.

What are Schluter Strips?
Our bathroom remodeling professionals work with you and your decorator to make your new tiling both functional and decorative. We use Schluter All Set to adhere your tiles to the wall and, to add a bit of panache, we can incorporate Schluter Strips for a metallic element. Strips of decorative metal, Schluter Strips can be used to break up the overall pattern of the tile or they can be used as a way to make the joining of two types of tiles look more cohesive.

You’ve already used Hardie Board, why do I need Laticrete Waterproofing?
Laticrete Hydro Ban, Laticrete 9235 and Laticrete 254 Platinum are all waterproofing products that layer on thinly over the base materials used. These Laticrete products offer a thin rubber-like layer that allows for slight shifting of tiles without cracking. Laticrete 254  Platinum not only offers waterproofing, but also comes equipped with protective anti-microbial properties. Laticrete Hydro Ban and Laticrete 9235 are both load-bearing products which work well in high-traffic areas. 

Does Laticrete offer different colors of grout?
Laticrete not only offers the industry’s first dispersible dry pigment solution, they offer this grout option in 40 standard colors. However, if you want grout to match your tiles more precisely, Laticrete offers color-matching for your custom grout color. Ask our bath remodeling professionals how you can get customized Laticrete grout colors. Ask us about Laticrete SpectraLock Pro Epoxy grouts!

How long will my bath remodel take?
The length of time for a complete bathroom remodel depends on the size and complexity of the bathroom. However, beware of quotes offering to get it done in less than a week. You will most likely will have it done start to finish in a week and a half to a month. Professional bathroom remodeling takes time to ensure everything is completed correctly. When you search for “bathroom remodelers near me” find a bathroom remodel company that will give you a reasonable time estimate for completion.

Katy Tile and Marble has been in business for over 20 years. With our 5-star service Google business rating, you can rest easy in the fact that we will do your remodel right the first time. Plus, isn't it nice that you can visit us at our storefront location in Katy!