Custom shaker painted cabinets vs stained cabinets Katy

Custom shaker painted cabinets vs stained cabinets Katy

What is a Shaker Cabinet to Consider for Your Katy Home?

Did you search for "Custom Bathroom Cabinet Maker Near Me Katy? Are you hunting for suitable cabinets and a cabinet maker for bathroom cabinets for your Katy bathroom remodel? You have likely come across the term Shaker cabinet. But what is a Shaker cabinet? Shaker cabinets consist of straight, clean lines and a no-fuss attitude. They are called Shaker because the 18th-century religious group known as the Shakers created the minimalistic and timeless look. While Shaker cabinets are contemporary, they are also classic. The straight lines and recessed door panel will give your bathroom a sleek and beautiful look today and twenty years from now. Whether you paint them or stain them, custom Shaker cabinets will undoubtedly fit right into your chosen décor. Shaker cabinet doors for your bathroom will have structure stability. Because they are two pieces laminated together, they will have extra strength, making it unlikely that they will warp or flex. In the future, if you choose, you will be able to resurface or reface your Katy Shaker bathroom cabinets.

Should You Ask Your Katy Cabinet Maker about Stain vs. Paint?

Of course, you should! Here are a few facts your Katy cabinet maker should share with you. When you choose Shaker cabinet door styles, you give your Houston, Richmond, or Fulshear bathroom a beautiful, clean design. Shaker cabinet doors look stunning whether you choose to paint them or have them stained. Having your cabinets painted or stained is a cost-saving way to freshen your kitchen or bath. Before embarking on this project, though, there are a few things to keep in mind.
  • MDF cabinet doors must be painted.
  • Veneer cabinets can be refinished.
  • Hire a professional to reface bathroom cabinets.

Should MDF Cabinet Doors be Painted, Katy?

Some cabinets are made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Since this is a man-made product, it must be painted. If you have your heart set on a natural wood look for your shaker bathroom cabinets, you must make sure your cabinet maker uses natural wood and not MDF.

Can you sand veneer, Katy?

If you have ever wondered if you can sand veneer and paint it, the answer is a qualified "no”. Since veneer is a thin sheet of wood glued to an under the base, we do not recommend sanding. The veneer can easily be sanded away. If your veneer cabinets have been refinished before, it may not be a good idea to have them sanded and refinished again. However, some techniques can be used that do not require the veneer to be sanded before painting. Your bath remodeling expert will know the best way to treat your veneer cabinets.

Can my Katy paint grade cabinets be stained?

Like all paint grade cabinets, paint grade shaker cabinets are made of wood with a smooth finish that is unflawed with knots or a heavy grain pattern. Because paint-grade wood cabinets are solid wood, they can be stained. However, if you want stained cabinets in your Houston, Cypress, or Sugar Land home to highlight the wood's naturalness, you may want to go with cabinets that are not made from paint-grade wood. Paint-grade wood offers the perfect base for a smooth coat of paint.

Paint without sanding or priming in Katy

When upgrading your cabinets, a professional will know the best way to give them the finish that best suits the material with which the cabinets are built. Whether you want new cabinets installed or your cabinet doors refaced, hire a professional to assure the cabinets in your Houston, Cypress, or Sugar Land home will look their best for years to come. An experienced cabinet maker and installer will know what materials work best for the design style you want in your home. If you would like black shaker cabinets with soft-close hinges or if you prefer white stained cabinets with soft-close drawers, your installation and remodel professional will make sure your finished product is exactly what you envisioned.