How to clean engineered hardwood floors in Katy, Texas, and beyond

How to clean engineered hardwood floors in Katy, Texas, and beyond

Live in Katy, Brookshire, Cypress, Fulshear, and Richmond area and want to know how to clean engineered hardwood floors?

Having engineered hardwood flooring installed is a big step to adding style and value to your Metropolitan Houston area home. You don't know how to care for it? Don’t fret about it. Engineered hardwood floors take no more time to maintain than other types of floor covering. Wood floors can be cleaned easily. No more dirt hiding under carpet fibers! Our best-engineered wood flooring for high-traffic areas, whether engineered oak, engineered maple or engineered hickory flooring, needs to be swept on a regular basis. If there are no children and no pets, a weekly sweep or dust mop should be sufficient.

Can I mop my Katy, Brookshire, Cypress, Fulshear, and Richmond area floor even if it isn’t waterproof engineered hardwood?

While the best-rated engineered wood flooring is great for use in high humidity areas like Katy, Richmond, Cypress, Fulshear and Brookshire, they still need to receive the best of care. All the best-engineered wood flooring can be mopped with a damp mop. It is unwise to leave puddles of water on any type of wood flooring as this can cause warping and buckling of the wood. Using a damp mop will ensure your floors are clean and will not harm your engineered wood floor. Even waterproof engineered wood flooring has a limit as to how long water can stand on it without causing damage. No matter if your floors are supposed to be waterproof or not, the best course of action is to mop up puddles as soon as they occur.

What do the best-engineered wood flooring manufacturers say about cleaning their Katy, Brookshire, Cypress, Fulshear, and Richmond area wood floors?

Prestige engineered hardwood, Lifewood engineered hardwood, and Shaw engineered hardwood, along with all the major brands which we carry, are all high-quality engineered wood flooring, and the care for them is the same, no matter which brand you choose. Routine care by sweeping or vacuuming is recommended as long as you do not use the beater bar on the vacuum cleaner. Use the hardwood attachment for your vacuum or turn the beater bar off if that function is available.

All manufacturers recommend entry mats both outside and inside entry doors. Interior mats should not be rubber-backed or foam-backed but should have an approved vinyl underlay. Using mats will help keep dirt and gravel from being tracked on your beautiful floors.

If you want to give your engineered hardwood floors a good deep clean make sure to use a manufacturer approved cleaner. Ask us about the manufacturer's cleaning products specially created for use on engineered hardwood floors. We will help you with hardwood-specific cleaners in your Katy, Brookshire, Cypress, Fulshear and Richmond area.

Engineered hardwood floors will reward you with years of fashionable beauty.