Luxury vinyl plank flooring vs porcelain wood-look flooring Katy

Luxury vinyl plank flooring vs porcelain wood-look flooring Katy

Luxury vinyl plank flooring vs porcelain wood-look flooring

Have you decided to get new flooring for your Katy home, but have questions about what flooring you need? Questions such as: Is vinyl waterproof? What are Porcelain wood tile pros? Can I buy waterproof vinyl plank flooring? What are waterproof flooring options? ∙ What are the pros of luxury vinyl plank flooring? Is there tile that looks like wood? There is a lot to think about when remodeling your Katy, Houston, or Sugar Land home’s floors. It isn’t only about how they look. With flooding being so prevalent in this area, having waterproof floors is vital. Two excellent options for waterproof flooring are luxury vinyl plank and porcelain wood-look tiles. The one you choose will depend upon your preferences and the aesthetic you would like for your home.

Luxury vinyl flooring pros for your Katy home

There are many luxury vinyl plank flooring pros, making LVP a great option for your home. LVP has the warm, natural look of hardwood, but is more durable and less prone to warping and dents than hardwood. You can even install vinyl flooring in your bathrooms. Since the Katy area is prone to floods, LVP makes a good choice due to being waterproof. It offers a warm feel to your home, and you don’t need to worry about it cracking. Luxury vinyl planks are a durable and lasting option for beautiful wood-look waterproof flooring in the Houston metropolitan area.

We recommend several manufacturers whose luxury vinyl planks in the Katy. When shopping for the best luxury vinyl plank for your project, keep an eye out for these luxury brands:
  • Earthwerks
  • Firmfit
  • Prestige Waterproof flooring
  • BPI Mannington Adura
  • Evoke

Porcelain wood-look tile pros

Porcelain tile that looks like wood is another strong contender for beautiful waterproof floors in your Katy, Cypress, or Brookshire home. Porcelain wood-look tiles are a great waterproof flooring option. They are scratch-resistant and a durable way to get wood-look floors. While there are those who might want to have wood look porcelain tile with no grout lines, in fact, grout as thin as 1/8th inch is all it takes to keep the porcelain wood-look tiles from being too rigid and cracking, and a low amount of stress. A grout line that is thin will not keep the tile from looking like natural wood.

Another question people often ask is, “is wood look tile too trendy?” The answer to that question is no. Wood-look porcelain tile is as timeless looking as hardwood, and since porcelain tile is waterproof it will easily withstand the next great Katy flood. Also, there are several reputable manufacturers who make beautiful porcelain wood-look tiles:
  • Crossville Tile
  • Marazzi Tile
  • Arizona Tile
  • Dal-Tile
  • Eleganza Tile
  • Roca Tile

These manufacturers offer tiles ranging anywhere from 12-inches long to 72-inches long, giving you the ability to custom your wood-look floors to the height of the current trend or to a classic, timeless look.

LVP vs porcelain wood-look tile Katy

Whether you choose luxury vinyl plank or porcelain wood-look tile, you will enjoy beautiful floors for years to come. The choice is left to your preference and style, leaving no wrong answer to the question: Is luxury vinyl plank or wood-look porcelain tile better?