LVT (luxury vinyl tile) flooring service Katy TX

LVT (luxury vinyl tile) flooring service Katy TX

LVT flooring service Katy
When you are ready to remodel your Katy home, one high-impact change is to have LVT flooring installed. LVT is a way to give your home the look of hardwood floors, but without the detailed upkeep, hardwoods require. Like most home remodeling, LVT flooring comes in an array of options, so it’s important to choose one that will last for years. When you read articles about LVT flooring, one of the first things you’ll notice is there are basically no problems with luxury vinyl tile. You may also notice LVT comes as a loose lay vinyl plank flooring in Katy. The installers don’t have to glue down LVT.

What Is LVT flooring?
LVT flooring is luxury vinyl tile. It refers to both tiles and planks made with a durable vinyl core. This core is the base which is then layered with a wear layer and a layer of laminate. The laminate is fashioned using photos of actual wood which is embossed upon the laminate prior to being adhered to the core. In short, LVT flooring is flooring, which has been engineered to look like real wood, but without the high maintenance associated with real wood floors.

Is LVT a good choice for my kitchen remodel?
Luxury vinyl flooring can be the perfect choice for your Katy kitchen remodeling project. Many LVT manufacturers make waterproof LVT, such as Mannington’s Restoration Collection and Metropolitan’s Evoke Surge Collection. If you want that beautiful and sophisticated LVT look in your kitchen or bath, make sure the brand you choose has passed the 24-Hour test by the NALFA (National American Laminate Flooring Association). If the flooring has passed this test, you can rest assured it will not buckle under a melted ice cube or a slobbery dog.

VCT vs LVT vs LVP vs EVP - vinyl flooring alphabet soup
When searching for the right flooring for your Katy home remodel, you will probably see several industry abbreviations. Most likely, these will have you scratching your head and wondering – What is VCT vs LVT? Or LVT vs LVP? Or LVT vs VCT? Okay, here’s the run down:
  • LVT flooring – luxury vinyl tile
  • LVP flooring – luxury vinyl plank
  • VCT flooring – vinyl core tile
  • EVP flooring – engineered vinyl plank

As you see, the biggest difference is how the end product is presented. The sheets of vinyl flooring are either cut into planks or cut into tiles. Generally, tiles will have the look of stone or ceramic tile and planks will have the look of wood planks.

The main difference between LVT/LVP, VCT, and EVP flooring is what’s at its core. While VCT and EVP have a vinyl core, LVT/LVP can have a vinyl core, a wood core, or a stone core.

If you want an alternative to LVT you might want to take a look at wood-look porcelain tiles for your new floor!

Whole house remodeling or kitchen remodeling Katy
Whether you plan on remodeling your entire home or just one room, luxury vinyl tile/plank will give your home a chic, updated look. Consult the knowledgeable experts at Katy Tile and Marble to help you choose the right flooring for your home. They will show you color and style options that are both modern and timeless and their skilled installers will complete the work in a timely and professional manner.