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How to Choose Kitchen Remodelers in Katy, Richmond, Energy Corridor, Memorial Sugar Land and Beyond

Updated: Feb 14

It is challenging to find a good kitchen remodeling team! Even when you search for “kitchen remodeling near me” in Katy, Richmond, Energy Corridor, Memorial Sugar Land, or beyond. There are so many questions and considerations that go into the process. Even finding the right place to start is difficult. Plus, there are so many areas to be concerned about, such as custom cabinetry, painted kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops, granite countertops, flooring, etc. But wait… that’s not all!

Is it essential to find someone in your area? The answer is yes, and no. It should be a consideration, but if that is your only criteria, you are taking a considerable risk. Don’t be a person who does searches online using phrases like the ones below, calls the first company whose name shows up in the results, and if the price is right, hires them.

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How do you get in touch with the kitchen remodeling company?

Do they have a mysterious location and only publish a phone number and email address? That could be a red flag! An established company will have a brick-and-mortar office or storefront that you can visit. If something goes wrong, whether intentional or not, unless you have a place to go to speak to the owner, you are going to be paying for stress and frustration! A reputable kitchen remodeling company wants to maintain a pristine reputation and will welcome the opportunity to turn you into a raving fan. When one of your contacts asks you who you chose among the many kitchen contractors in Katy, Richmond, Energy Corridor, Memorial, Sugar Land, and beyond, the right kitchen remodeler wants you to rave about their products and services.

Do they have a 5-Star review on Google that shows up when you search their company name or a search for kitchen remodeling, kitchen remodelers, or kitchen contractors?

Because reliable kitchen remodeling companies have an office or storefront, they should be on Google with plenty of 5-Star reviews.

Who is your kitchen remodeler going to use to do your actual kitchen remodeling?

When hiring a Katy kitchen remodeling contractor, there is a vast amount of details that require many skill sets to complete. Is your kitchen contractor going to sub-contract the various jobs such as quartz and granite countertops to a handful of different companies that could be very undesirable? You need to hire a kitchen remodeling company that will send skilled professionals, who work only for their company to do your kitchen remodeling.

Does their remodeling work have a warranty in Katy, Richmond, Energy Corridor, Memorial, Sugar Land, and beyond?

There are two types of warranties; those that can be trusted and those that can not be trusted! When you have hired a kitchen remodeler such as the ones mentioned above, you don’t have the risk of the warranty, meaning nothing. You have found someone with a physical location with 5-Star Google ratings. That type of business understands that honoring a warranty has valuable leveraging in word-of-mouth marketing and its online reputation! They won’t let you down!

Are you going to end up with a builder-grade or custom kitchen?

A builder grade occasionally referred to as contractor grade, will leave you with low-grade materials instead of quality custom-grade materials, which will last you longer. A builder-grade kitchen will cause problems and stress for your future self!

How is their attention to detail? Does their custom work look finished?

You can depend on the type of kitchen remodeling company we have been recommending to have the attention to detail and will create a kitchen that you will love! There will be no surprises or regrets.

How long should a kitchen remodeling in Katy, Richmond, Energy Corridor, Memorial Sugar Land and beyond take from start to completion?

Discussing the expectations for project length is important. Kitchen remodeling is a large project. A reputable kitchen contractor will not drag out the project just to drive your costs up.

Does the Kitchen Contractor have Testimonials?

Testimonials from customers can tell you a lot about a company. Those mixed with 5-Star Google reviews will give you the assurance that you won’t need to have doubt and suspicion while the work is being done.

Katy Tile and Marble have been creating raving fans for over 20 years. We look forward to your future testimony about our products and services!